Superior CX made simple

Give your group customers the personalised product and service experience they desire, without the administrative complexity in the back office to make it all work. 

Get Group Insurance Superpowers

Give your customers & members a 5-star experience. Sentro makes it easy to deliver superior CX throughout the group insurance life cycle  - without the admin and IT overheads.


Our cloud-based software is easy to access, easy to configure, and easy to change. It's a whole new world. 


Streamline member admin

Transferring data via email and spreadsheets is insecure and painful. Sentro replaces spreadsheets with easy to access Member data tables.  Request census data from employers, (or allow your brokers to), request Member updates and sign-off renewals lists without all the hassle. 

Personalise your portal

We personalise Sentro to represent your brand. Customise templates, emails, plan & product information. Change details whenever you want - it won't cost you a cent. You can co-brand the member experience to represent the insurer & the employer too. 

Delegate administration

Our flexible roles & permissions options make it easy for you to give brokers, employers and third-party administrators access to only what you want them to see. Google and Microsoft single sign-on means lost passwords and poor security practices are a thing of the past. 

Get up and running fast

We can implement your secure cloud-based instance of Sentro in just a few months. We help you configure your products, quoting, billing and renewals process and train your team to do as much  (or at little) as you want to do yourselves. 


See how Sentro helped global insurers get new group insurance products to market in record time.

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