The operating system
for group insurance

Sentro is the efficient, secure and profitable way to manage group insurance schemes. Run your whole group insurance offering in Sentro or integrate with existing

tools and workflows.


Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for employers to look after their people.


License Sentro as a SaaS platform, or for New Zealand customers, outsource with Sentro TPA Policy Admin Services.

Get Group Insurance Superpowers

Streamlined member maintenance

Quick & easy renewals

Broker, employer & third-party delegation

Branded self-service apps

Multi-scenario quotations

Flexible automated billing

DIY configuration control

No IT maintenance

Sentro Group Insurance Software Dashboard-1

Sentro's web-based group insurance software is quick to configure, cost-effective to run, easy to integrate and easy to change.
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Why Sentro?

Streamline admin

Increase member engagement

Reduce cost to serve

Fast, low-cost implementation

--- Streamline operations right through the value chain ---


Powerful configuration options for group plans and billing.


Secure, streamlined member data collection and quoting.


Member admin delegation, streamlined billing & renewals.


Branded self-service apps, upgrades, top-ups & benefits.


Cloud-based SaaS

Access on any platform, from anywhere, and leave the IT maintenance to us.

No-code config

Fast implementation and powerful, flexible product and billing configuration.

Developer API

Integrate with existing systems and workflows with Sentro's extensive API.

Single sign-on

Sign in with Microsoft or Google for security and easy onboarding.


Innovate fast

With Sentro, insurers get new or existing group insurance and employee benefit schemes launched to market in record time.

Integrate with anything

Use Sentro on it's own or integrate our capabilities into your existing systems and workflows using our powerful, developer-focused API.

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