Cloud-Native Platform

Sentro is a modern, web-based SaaS product accessible from anywhere. There is nothing to locally install or maintain. Future-proof your enterprise architecture and wave goodbye to devops headaches and infrastructure costs by choosing Sentro.


Configure and go

We've designed Sentro to make it easier for you to match your exact business needs without writing code.

Our data models are extensible, so you can capture the exact information that you need. Key policy documents and user experiences are template-driven for easy updating. Products, plans, benefit rules and rates can be maintained online and are also extensible.


Single-Tenant Deployment

Each Sentro customer receives their own dedicated Sentro staging and production instance. You can be certain that your information is not shared with any other Sentro user.


Global Scale with Azure

We are platformed on Microsoft Azure. This allows us to securely deploy and scale your Sentro instance anywhere in the world.


Continuous Deployment

We employ a Continuous Deployment development philosophy. New and improved Sentro features are regularly and frequently released to customers.




Configuration Driven

We deliver functionality via configuration in the application, rather than requiring code to be written. This has multiple benefits. It allows us to support customers with very different products and processed with the same base code. It allows customers to tailor their environment to their specific needs. Finally, it allows us to introduce new and improved platform functionality more rapidly.


Modern Tech Stack

Sentro is built in .Net Core, with Angular front end. Data are stored in Azure SQL databases. 



Your Data is Your Data

We facilitate secure access to your Sentro-held information. If you require access to information for reporting or data analytics purposes, we make it easy for you.




We love working with people who want to deliver to their customers and partners in new and exciting ways.

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can support you to bring your group insurance and benefits idea to reality, get in touch today.

Microsoft Partner

Developer benefits

Fast integration

Easy integrations

Use Sentro to manage your entire group insurance offering, or integrate with existing systems and workflows. Our extensive API set makes it easy to integrate your own systems and applications with Sentro.

Support that gets you

Support that gets you

We're developers too. We help you strike that balance between controlling the whole tech stack, and getting useful work built. Join our community, come to our events, help us build the future of work in group insurance.

A point of difference

The competitive edge

Our APIs and support tools allow you to entirely rethink how your group insurance and benefits service delivery works. Sentro can connect your whole group insurance and benefits value chain. Stand out from the competition!

We always tailor a Sentro implementation to the customer's unique needs. So every cost quotation is unique to the customer.

We call our business approach a 'shared success' model. We do our best to keep up-front costs reasonable, and as the customer's business grows, we also get rewarded.

Generally, there are three elements to our costs:

  • Configuration and Installation. This is a one-off charge that covers the setup, customization and integrations a customer requires.
  • Access Fees. This is a monthly base platform licensing charge.
  • Variable Charges. Based on number of members/lives administered.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Sentro runs on Microsoft Azure, and we are a Microsoft Partner.

The Microsoft Azure platform gives us world-class reach, scale and security.

Our customers have run group life, group health and group cyber propositions on Sentro.  We can even support non-insurance group propositions like SME employee benefits.

Yes. All Sentro user interfaces can be modified to incorporate your brand and feel.

For our Engage employer and employee interfaces, we can present different looks for each customer.

We also provide a rich API set, so if you have an existing front end, but just need the group data, we can work with you to build that interface.

Sentro is the global InsurTech group insurance specialist. We aim to improve and re-invent the way that insurers and their partners deliver group insurance and other services to business customers. We are driven to make life better for working people, by making it easier for their employers to look after them.

Our team has extensive international experience across the areas of technology, software and management; in industries ranging from telecommunications, insurance, banking and retail. In addition to our existing products, we have delivered a range of other software and technology products in past lives. 

We are privately held, with investors from North America and Australasia. We are Microsoft Partners. We have a number of other partnerships we are working on and anticipate announcing these as they are confirmed.

Sentro is software for group insurers and their partners.   We specialise in group insurance and benefits.

Our product roadmap is focussed on making delivery of group insurance and group benefits to individuals ever better and more seamless.  

We will continue to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering our customers rich and usable core functionality, combined with modern integration options and as much configurability as possible.   Our partnership with Microsoft is an important aspect of this strategy.


Sentro is sold directly to Group Insurers and group benefits providers.   Contact us to find out more.

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