Delta Insurance

A new group cyber insurance product for Asia,
market-ready in two months.

Delta Insurance Singapore has carved a niche in Asia for their innovative insurance products. When they decided to launch a new personal cyber insurance product across Asia, starting in Singapore, they began the search for a group insurance platform capable of delivering a high-end experience for customers across Asia.


The Challenge

Delta initially had no existing group insurance administration capability, which was the main focus of the project. The idea was to combine an insurance product with a symbiotic cyber risk assessment product, so that they could provide an advanced online experience in multiple Asian markets.


Their objectives included:

  • Support for multiple markets and languages
  • Minimal administration for onboarding and renewals
  • Ability to create entirely new insurance product types
  • Integration with third party personal cyber risk assessment product
  • Branded member experience for Delta's group plan customers and members


"We wanted to develop a product designed to protect individuals and households from cyber risk. There's a lot of risk there from an underwriting perspective, resulting in potentially big insurance losses that could run in to the millions, if not the tens of millions."

~ Craig Kirk, Group Executive Director – Underwriting


The Solution

Recognising that they didn't have the in-house capabilities to build the front end of the platform, Delta decided to outsource the tech. 

"Sentro's expertise is providing group insurance solutions and this was a really good fit with our needs. I was immediately really impressed with them and their approach. They have a pretty deep understanding of the insurance space." 


Sentro worked closely with Delta Singapore on a two month project to configure their new group personal cyber product on the Sentro group insurance administration platform, ready for sales activity. Delta leveraged the full capabilities of Sentro to provide a superior customer experience, including a Delta-branded member app enabling policyholders to view their cover, access their policy documents, and access a third-party cyber risk assessment product. 


Technology build

The project involved building two API integrations:

1. First exchanges group policy information with an internal Delta system.

2. Second is to an external personal cyber-risk assessment platform


We also created a Delta-branded employee portal. The insured can check their risk score via the portal, as well as sighting their insurance coverages.


The Result

We worked collaboratively with the Delta team to meet their objectives and explored different ways to provision and operate their new group product. Delta's products and customer experience are now configured for the local market needs. They have branded member experience with benefits, documents and claims information in one place, and SSO integration with a third-party cyber risk assessment product.


Additionally, we provide Delta with ongoing technical and operational support as they build on their group insurance product capabilities through the Sentro platform. 

"Sentro are incredibly responsive. They treated the project like a partnership, and were very aligned with what we were trying to achieve. It was a fantastic experience working with them throughout the process, the initial project and beyond."


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