Group insurance innovation starts here

Streamline admin and delight your customers with Sentro, the modern group insurance policy administration platform for mid-market insurers.

Sentro Partners and Customers

Why Insurers choose Sentro


Reduced administration

Engaged customers

Quick & easy renewals

Fast deployment

  • Fast customer onboarding
  • Powerful plan creation
  • Automated renewals
  • Brandable portals
  • Voluntary and flex benefit plans
  • Pro-rated billing
  • API-first architecture
  • Cloud-native

InsurTech for Group insurance

We understand the needs of mid-market group insurers. You need to offer your customers and partners tailored products and services, but you need efficiency in the back office too. You need a group admin platform that is affordable, easy to roll out, easy to run, easy to brand, easy to change. Get all that with Sentro.

Group insurer core application  

Sentro gives Group Insurers the policy admin platform to differentiate their group products. They can add complementary services to their core insurance products, and deliver them through brokers and service providers to customers.
Full group policy administration with Sentro:
- Product creation
- Quotation management
- Distribution management
- Policy management
- Self-serve customer and employee enrolment
- Billing
- Claims initiation

Empower your partners

Sentro gives your partners - brokers and service providers - tools to manage key aspects of their group business.
- Managing renewals
- Real-time updates for member adds, changes and deletes
- Document sharing and storage
- Group insurance quotes
- Onboarding new customers
- Support for group billing
- Sales support and product information
- Interactions with insurers

Branded customer and employee portals

Give your customers and their employees a modern, relevant, individualized service experience. With Sentro, you can give your customers branded web and app access to your products and services.